About me

My photographic training spans several schools of photography as well as workshops on the subjects of perception, portraits, nude photography, and the history of photography. I also participated in a multi-disciplinary group of sculptors, painters, writers and photographers in the art space “El Baldio Movil” led by Miguel Zurraco.

I have participated in many photo exhibitions in Argentina and Uruguay. Exhibitions of my work include “El Festival de la luz”, “Gallery Nights”, “El Baldio Movil”, “Tack room” at Polo One Pilar and a solo exhibit at the Art Gallery “Cinco Balcones" located in Recoleta, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.

My art work “Stars Walking” got a special mention at the “Story Telling Awards” by LensCulture onDiciembre 2015.

I showcased a "solo" exhibition at “La Susana Vik Retreats" in JOSE IGNACIO, URUGUAY on January 8, 2016. being Corona beer the sponsor of the event Corona sunsets.

I showcased a “Solo” exhibition had took place at The ARGENTINE EMBASSY in WASHINGTON D.C. USA, on February 25th 2016, curated by Affredo Rattinof.

One of my photos was selected to be exhibited at the collection ”The Beauty of Humanity” at the SCOPE Art Fair that took place in MIAMI, FL on December 6, 2015.

My art work “Stars Walking” has got the first position winner at the “LONDON PHOTO FESTIVAL " on May 2016 in LONDON, UK.

My art work portrait “Sadhu” was showcased as part of the “Creators Deserve to be Seen”on June 8th, produced by ”See Me" exhibitions at 4 Time Square, NEW YORK 2016.

I participated in a group exhibition with my art work “Mirages” at Melánge of Milieu at AGORA GALLERY in Chelsea, NEW YORK on June 16th, 2016.

One of my photos was recently selected to be part at the collection Book ”The Beauty of Humanity” Published by See Me Group Inc, Y Peecho Printing en USA, curated by William Etmundi Jr.

I have been selected from 800 artist to participate and exhibit in the ART FAIR my art work, Mirages and Tanzania as Aquarelle, in “ART ROOMS” 20-23 January 2017, at the Melia White house hotel, LONDON UK.

My artwork, Mirages, has been showcased in Solo exhibition during the month of June 2017 at the WHITE CLOUD ART GALLERY in WASHINGTON D.C., US

My artwork “Goddesses” has been showcased as part of the project “HER STORY” led by AFFORDABLE ART FAIR NEW YORK and See Mee, at The Jane Hotel, NEW YORK, US on March 18th 2019.

My artwork “African Tribes” had been part of the 2 nd Annual AFRICA PHOTO FESTIVAL NEW YORK 2019 at the National Black Theatre way, HARLEM New York CITY on September 26th to 28th 2019.

I have edited and published several books at Blurb, they are for sale printed and e book version.

”Inspiring Gaze”, a collection of many of my artistic photos;

“World Portraits”, a series of portrait photography from people I met on my travels.

“Hunting Stories”, a book of street photography set in regions around the world.

“Mirages”, a collection of many of my artistic photos.

My travel books that include photos from several exotic location: “The Eternal Smile Kingdom”, set in Myanmar; “Unity in Diversity”, set in Nepal; and “Sense Awakener”, set in India; “El reino Khmer”, set in Cambodia; “Tierra de Olvidos” set in Vietnam.

My travel book to Tanzania “ Hakuna Matata” about the exotic landscapes, beaches and tribal’s portraits such as Masaai, Dorze and Datoga.

My travel book to Ethiopia “Omo Valley” about portraits from different tribes of the Omo Valley.

My travel to book to Antelope Canyon in Arizona US.

My travel book to Namibia, about the exotic landscapes, deserts and tribal’s Portraits such as Himba, Zemba and Herero.

“African Tribes” a series of Black and white portraits that I made in my different travels to tribes in Africa.

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