Ethiopia Expedition


The most adventurous, cultural and exotic trip

Travel wit us to the motherland, the origins of the human being. Meet and interact with the original tribes, photograph them and have the most incredible experience!

Would you like to travel to the place where the ancient tribes of Africa live keeping their ancient customs in their purest state and be able to photograph the best portraits of your life? Ethiopia is undoubtedly one of the most exotic parts of Africa that I have been to, it is visiting the motherland, the home, the origins of the human being. Meet and interact with the original tribes, photograph them and have the most incredible experience!

The more I visit the most virgin places, the more I fall in love. It’s exotic, diverse landscapes are like entering the tunnel of time to another world. A world in which time seems to be stopped, or parallel to the one we live in.  You can see everything good and bad if we compare them to us, but what most nurtures me are the experiences and meeting with their people. I have received the affection that I had never felt before, naturally there is an energy that connects us incredibly and indescribably to these interesting people, inhabitants of those ancient lands. I already made several trips to Africa and I was  in Ethiopia for almost a month.  I am in permanent contact with our guide. Fitsum is qualified on Trip Advisor as the best guide of the Omo Valley which is the area of the tribes where I propose to make this incredible expedition.

What is this exotic and different trip about?

It is 10 days touring the lands of the tribes that still live how they have been since their origins, keeping their cultures and customs for millennia. We will have incredible photo shoots always with a lot of respect and asking before if you can take pictures of them, with their original clothes. We will have the opportunity to enter their huts, tour their villages, interact with each of them, learn from their culture, their customs, how they self-supply, what they cultivate and what kind of food they eat. Maybe we will have the opportunity to witness celebrations such as a wedding, or  the Ukabull, which is a very important ceremony where a boy passes from childhood to adulthood and has to pass a test. This test consists of walking 5 times over the back of several bulls. If he does, he will be considered a man for the rest of  the tribe and he will be ready to marry and have a family of his own. We will visit the Dimekas market where several different tribes gather to socialize, barter, trade the products they produce for cows or goats and  where they also sell their crafts.We will sleep most of the nights in lodges in the area and 3 nights in a well-equipped  campsite where our chef will provide us with every meal next to the Omo river and in the light of a large bonfire at night. You will hear the sounds of the Ethiopian savannah, where the monkeys pass from branch to branch warning of the presence of unknown beings (us) where thousands of birds sing. These magical lands seem to be stopped in time. We will be interacting with these  people who are not contaminated even of the modernity and the vices of the cities. Fill your heart with their gestures of kindness and their white smiles.

Why on these dates? Because February is the time of most celebrations in the tribes. And most importantly, It is not a rainy season.

The price includes:

Everything once you arrive in Ethiopia.

Accommodation.Hotels in Addis Ababa. Lodges and camp in the Omo Valley area.

Domestic air ticket From Addis Ababa to Jinka and Jinka to Addis Ababa.

Continuous transfers during the 10 days in a 4x4 truck with driver.

Local guide in English 24 hours. Local guide in each tribe. (Every tribe has their own dialect)

3 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Water, soda, unlimited mineral water during the whole day. (Alcoholic beverages not included)

Fees to the parks, fee for visits to each village. Shooting fees in all the villages.

What is not included:

International airfare and / or between your home and Addis Abba

Personal expenses (including purchases, liquor, laundry, telephone calls, etc.)

Optional extra activities not included in the itinerary.

Extra photo rates (tips to someone who photographs outside a tribe and the itinerary)

Pre and post expedition visits.

Group outing at the end of February 2020. Exact dates to be confirmed.  Depending on the minimum quantity of the group.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate contacting  me: