About Me 


Hello, I am

Mache del Campo

a passionate photographer

I believe photography enables me to creatively express my way of experiencing the world and enjoy capturing images that evoke strong emotions, colors, and textures to life. I especially enjoy capturing images in the realm of fantasy and the unknown, devoid of time, space, weather, noise, smells, and sounds. It allows me to take a moment and create a mysterious and individual story - one that intentionally excludes reality leaving open an infinite number of possible interpretations. 

My intention is to transport the viewer’s mind outside the world of the rational and measurable, outside space and time and is, as well, an exciting and intriguing escape for me. It is my hope that this will generate thoughts, ideas, fantasies, and fiction - including experiences that are yet to be lived. 

Portrait photography is another one of my passions, and I especially enjoy it during my travels. I fall in love with some locations for its beautiful scenery and fascinating architecture, others for the genuineness and beauty of its people, and some for both. This form of photography allows me to meet and interact with people from a variety of cultures and languages. I believe that through photography I can connect with anyone in a much deeper way, obviating the need for any language. When traveling, anything that crosses my path at any given moment becomes both my and my camera’s focus and forces me to live fully in the present moment, surrendering to all that is going on around me. Through these experiences I have gained great respect for the people from all cultures that I have had the privilege to experience and have been inspired by and have learned much from them. 

Whether I am taking photographs or editing them, the process takes me to places outside the confines of structured reality and into the multi-dimensional world of creation. My work in this art form is an exciting and intriguing journey that I want to share with the world so that they, like me, may be able to watch through the eyes of their hearts.